GSV 2020 State of the Tribe Address

Sweet siblings in Gay Spirit Visions,

Welcome to the annual State of the Tribe address, in which we look back at what GSV has done over the past year and drop some hints about what we have to look forward to.

This year’s edition comprises two sections: Looking Back, where I discuss what our organization accomplished in 2019, and Looking Forward, where the new Presiding Elder shares what we have to look forward to in 2020.

It has been an honor to serve on the GSV Council and to help guide an organization so dear to my heart. From my first Fall Conference in 2000 (when I could barely get through a single process without choking up), through convening a fall conference, and serving for two years as the Presiding Elder of the GSV Council, Gay Spirit Visions has been instrumental to my growth and learning as a spiritually-connected queer man. In remembrance of my own GSV mentors, I have tried to bring the serene wisdom of Martin “Treewalker” Isganitus as well as the mischievous insights of King “Wing of Men” Thackston to my work on the Council. Those dear ancestors are the roots of my GSV experience, and I hope I have brought the best of their wisdom to my time on the Council.

With abiding love for this community of open-hearted men,


Looking Back

2019 was a big year for GSV. Most visibly we put on three lovely gatherings that logically built themselves up into something much bigger:

The Winter Meditation, “Tranquil Reflection and Mindful Intention,” was a beautiful and serene contemplative experience convened by the very talented Bill Harris. This was an opportunity to find that calm center to ground our Greater Work.

The Spring Retreat, “Awaken Our Magick,” was an exploration of the sweet queer magic in our lives, convened by the lovely Jason Buchanan. After centering ourselves, we opened to Spirit and recognized the gifts we have been given to share with the world.

In September, GSV reached a noteworthy milestone: our 30th Fall Conference!!! “Spiritually Sourced Activism” was convened by the incomparable Cami Delgado and featured Toby Johnson as Keynote Speaker and celebrated the actions only we can take to make the world better for all beings.

The stage is now set for another cycle to begin.

The GSV Business of 2019

In addition to supporting our Conveners as they put on gatherings, the GSV Council met regularly to keep this lovely organization vital and ready for its next 30 years. This is what we were up to in 2019:

Members of the Council and past Conveners developed a Convener’s Guidebook to help Conveners navigate the sometimes-confusing waters of putting on a GSV gathering. The Convener’s Guidebook is intended to be a living document that can be refined and improved with the wisdom and experience of future Conveners.

In addition to the Guidebook, the Council also put together policies and/or procedures for each of the working circles as well as role descriptions for officers. We realized some of their responsibilities had been left rather ambiguous. We cleaned them up so that our hardworking members of the community who selflessly donate their time and effort can rest assured in what they’ve signed up for.

The Council voted to change our Convener policy so that Conveners no longer pay to attend the event they’re convening. (This was a total no-brainer, and we probably should have done this years ago, but it’s the policy now.)

The Council decided that Wells-Fargo no longer met our definition of an ethical financial institution (a quick internet search will show you why). Since we want GSV to be a force for good at every level, we decided to move our accounts from a big bank with questionable ethics to Regions, a smaller institution with a much better track record.

At the same time, we voted to put a portion of GSV’s working funds into a Certificate of Deposit to strengthen GSV’s financial standing and keep GSV strong going into the future. (We don’t mean to bore you with details, but sometimes that’s what transparency looks like.)

The Council voted to increase the annual budget for the Altared Spaces Working Circle and, thanks to input from Tony Bayles, to make an expenditure for the Gender Freedom and Expression Working Circle to get all new racks and bins for the Shauna Pleas Boutique! (More beautiful altars and better sacred drag! What’s not to love?!!)

The Council decided that we needed to be able to accept credit cards for the silent auction. Thanks to the diligent work of our own Bill Harris, you no longer have to pass on that fabulous frock, tantalizing tome, or bewitching bibelot you found in the silent auction simply because you forgot to bring cash. Just whip out your card and bid generously and with confidence!

Silent Auction Proceeds

If you’ve ever wondered where funds from the silent auction go, they go to provide financial assistance for siblings who would not be able to attend our gatherings otherwise. Thanks to the success of the silent auction and the generosity of the men of GSV, we were able to provide assistance to 17 siblings in the amount of $4,010.

Shout Outs

GSV’s gatherings are works of love by the GSV community for the GSV community, and we are fortunate to have in our midst men whose talents and dedication to GSV are truly extraordinary. We recognized Dev with an Oscar at the Fall Conference, and I’d like to mention a few of our other beloved luminaries here.

The inimitable and wildly talented Craigalee has been a part of GSV for over two decades and has worn a variety of hats within our community, including that of Presiding Elder. As a member of the Altared Spaces Working Circle, Craigalee has been one of the creative forces behind the stunning altars that grace our gatherings, and neither our gatherings nor our community would have been the same without the creative gifts he has so graciously shared.

Many men come to GSV events to revel in the touch of their siblings, and we are fortunate to have a wise, bold, and 100% shameless man overseeing GSV’s Sacred Touch processes. With his playful spirit and wholesome approach to connection Mahan-Kalpa is a gift to our community. He has helped many, many men transcend shame and self-consciousness as they seek out healthy touch and intimacy in their lives.

Over its 30 years, GSV has made quite a bit of history, and we are grateful to Randall Cumbaa and Cal Gough for helping to preserve that history. The relationship they have nurtured with Georgia State University Archives and the video interviews they have conducted over the past few years will help ensure that GSV’s history will be preserved for those who come after us.

Lastly, I want to offer much hearty gratitude to Bill Harris for his amazing work as Elder of Finance. It’s one thing for the Council to decide to change banks or to get a Certificate of Deposit, or to get a Square account so that we are able to accept credit cards, but it was Bill who did the actual legwork to make those things happen, and on top of it all he convened an absolutely stunning Winter Meditation.

The men named above are a few of the many bright stars in the GSV constellation, and you are invited to thank them for their service to GSV when you see them next.

Departures and Arrivals

As is the custom, the GSV Council renewed another third of itself (roughly) at the end of 2019 as four members concluded their 3-year service and four new men begin their own with new wisdom, new gifts, new perspectives, and new energy for the Council.

Leaving the Council at the end of 2019 were Randall Cumbaa, Bill Harris, Mahan-Kalpa Khalsa, and Nightshade.

Joining the Council at the beginning of 2020 are Neil Burns, David Cable, Robert McDonald, and John Rivest.

As the torch has been passed on to these new Council members, so too do the officer’s torches also pass on.
As the new 2020 Elder of Records, John Rivest has been elected to replace Jason Buchanan.
As the new 2020 Elder of Finance, Robert “Bear of the RO” McDonald has been elected to replace Bill Harris.
And lastly, as the new 2020 Presiding Elder, Jason Buchanan has been elected to replace Nightshade.

Welcome, gents! We look forward to the magnificence you will manifest!
And thank you, Nightshade, for your gracious service.

Looking Forward

Greetings to all my relatives!

It is an honor to have been asked to wear the mantel in 2020 of Presiding Elder of this organization so dear to this fast-beating drum bucket I keep safe in this calcium-rich cage. I have officially attended nine gatherings since I bumbled into a heart circle I knew nothing about as a Mountain staff member just over five years ago. I have convened a spring retreat, and I have served on Council for the last two years.

As Presiding Elder, I would like to keep our organization as transparent as possible, and I would like to include you all as much as possible because we are all important to this organization, and we all have an equal voice in where we take it. We all hold part of this organization in our hearts, and we all deserve to be held by it in return. Without you, we don’t have this community.

So, thank you for being a member of our amazing community. We hope you like where we’re going.

Jason Lloyd Buchanan
Presiding Elder

Plunging into 2020

GSV is very much a living community, and we are ever looking forward to our next opportunity to gather. We have a Winter Meditation coming up in a few weeks and two other gatherings currently in the planning process.

The dates for our gatherings in 2020 are:
Winter Meditation: January 17-19
Spring Retreat: May 8-10
Fall Conference: September 24-27

As you may already know from the announcement made at the beginning of December by Convener Vic Mansfield, the theme for the Winter Meditation is “Seeing the Unseen: Bringing our Gifts into the Light.” With such exciting techniques as Systemic Family Constellations, Systemic Ritual, and others to strengthen our ancestral connections and bring forward our unique universe of mystery which lies within, there is bound to be a lot to learn.

I can hardly imagine what is to follow such an enticing winter in the spring and fall! Know that we on the Council, the Working Circles, and the future Conveners are all working diligently to put together the best gatherings we can.


The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf. So it is with Gay Spirit Visions. All that we do is the result of the magic of community and teamwork. As we move forward, consider ways you’d like to take your relationship with GSV a step further. Maybe that means coming back after a long hiatus. Maybe it means attending all three gatherings this year. Maybe you just want to share a few ideas or feelings with us. Or maybe you feel it’s time to lend your hand to one of our invaluable Working Circles, to lead a workshop at one of our gatherings, or to spearhead the community as a future Convener or Council member! Trust us, there is a place for you here. Meet us wherever you are. We’d love to have you.

Let’s keep this an open dialogue. You are warmly invited to communicate with the Council, to send us feedback, to ask us for what you need from GSV, to tell us of your sweet dreams of community and how our gatherings might make those dreams come true. is the perfect way to reach out to us to make this organization what we want it to be. You have a voice. You have desires. We are listening. Our number one goal as a council is to keep our gatherings going, but we can’t do it without you. We’re a living organization. Every year several Council members roll off so that new ones can roll on. You all have the right to be heard, to be heeded, to be held.

Working Circles: Come Play With Us!

The primary purpose of the Council of Trusted Elders of Gay Spirit Visions is to ensure that GSV produces the gatherings that are the core and the crossroads of this community. Without the support and hard work of our dedicated Working Circles, the GSV Council would be powerless to put on the amazing events that, as of this year, we will have been doing for 30 YEARS.

Volunteering with the GSV Working Circles is a fantastic way to build community, to meet new friends, to help create GSV magic, and to ensure the continuation of our magnificent, open-hearted tribe. The Liaisons are the coordinators of their respective Working Circles, and we encourage you to reach out to them if you feel called to dive into GSV for more than the occasional gathering. Being on a GSV Working Circle is one of the best ways to keep that GSV magic going all year long!

The current Liaisons for the Working Circles and an email address where you can reach them are:

Doug Emerson for Altared Spaces ~
Ralph Fruchtman for Communications ~
Dev “Trio” Devereaux for Entertainment ~
Jeff “Timber” Beacham for Financial Assistance ~
Wade Lee Jones for Silent Auction ~
Tony Bayles for Gender Freedom & Expression ~
Neil Burns for Music & Movement ~
Scotty “Banana Spider” Simons2 for Rituals & Fire ~
Mahan-Kalpa Khalsa for Sacred Touch ~
Bill Harris for Small Groups ~
Ted Gulick for Welcome & Hospitality ~

Feed the Kitty!

If you would like to contribute to GSV, but find yourself with more money than spare time, donations can be made on the GSV website or by mailing a check to GSV, PO Box 339, Decatur GA 30031. GSV is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to GSV are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Copyright © 2020 Gay Spirit Visions, All rights reserved.

2020 GSV Winter Meditation

2020 Winter Meditation Picture

Seeing the Unseen: Bringing our Gifts into the Light

January 17 – 19, 2020

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center ~ Highlands, NC

2020 Winter Meditation Prices

Register Now!

Dear Brothers,

Our Ancestors are with us, supporting, gifting, and enfolding us. These are loved ones we have known and not known; from our family of origin, our chosen queer family, and from the Queer Breath of the Universe that flows around us. They have given us gifts which we may not even know. Let’s bring these gifts into the light.

Friday night, we will gather, meet, greet, and eat. The opening Heart Circle will weave us together in mutual purpose and transform us into a sacred compassionate container in which we do our deep work together as a community. Together we will invite and welcome those who love us, the Sacredness, the Spirits, and our Ancestors. We will ask them to come and help us to know ourselves more fully, especially our hidden gifts and strengths.

On Saturday, we will connect with our deepest, truest self, and invite the luminous being of light within each of us to ignite, shine, and make itself known. Through Systemic Family Constellations, Systemic Ritual, and other techniques, we strengthen our ancestral connections more fully so that the unique universe of mystery which lies within us may come forward in beauty and safety. We will welcome all of ourselves into the circle.

Sunday morning, we break our fast together and share our experiences. We will speak our spiritual experiences out of the dream and into reality thus solidifying their potency. We will thank the Ancestors and the Loving Spirits for holding us so beautifully and we will invite them to depart in beauty. As we take our leave of each other, we will carry into the wide world the bright seeds of our sacred container and all the beauty they contain. May they find fertile ground in which to sprout for all people.

We envision time for reflection and recreation in our schedule, as well as workshops. We invite you to suggest workshops you may wish to offer as well as suggestions for workshops you’d like to see.

Vic Mansfield
Convener, 2020 Winter Meditation

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GSV Winter Meditation: Save the Date

January 17 – 19, 2020

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center ~ Highlands, NC

Please check back soon for additional information on GSV’s Winter Meditation.

2019 GSV Fall Conference: Last Call

2019 Fall Conference Picture

Spiritually Sourced Activism

a landmark conference and 30th anniversary celebration

September 19 – 22, 2019

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center ~ Highlands, NC

2019 Fall Rates

Beloved GSV Tribe of Beautiful Men:

It’s countdown! Can you feel the buzz? Registration is high. Everybody’s talking about the conference, planning, preparing, and all psyched up…

Never before has a GSV event been more relevant than this conference given the dark times we are now living in. This is a spiritually challenging moment in American history and we as spiritually awakened men are called to rise in inspired ways, so let’s talk about how we are going to shine a bright light on these darker times.

There will be dynamic spiritual empowerment in our workshops and rituals. Raymond Rigoglioso, Toby Johnson, Hunter Flournoy, Mahan Kalpa Khalsa, Peregrine, Jim Stratton, Peter Cossaboom, Tim Flood, and Rocky Beeland are just some of those offering uplifting and inspiring workshops.

There will also be revelry and plenty of it. How can you have spiritually sourced activism if you don’t charge your heart-center battery with celebration? Wait until you experience the high voltage energy of this year’s rituals, dance, cabaret sing-a-long, walk of beauties, variety show, sacred touch, and yoga amidst the loveliness the Altared Spaces Work Group has sprinkled throughout The Mountain.

So, click on the link below to register for this year’s fall conference and remember to also…
* Pack splashy and creative wardrobe, rain gear, a flashlight, and hiking shoes.
* Bring items to donate to the silent auction as well as cash, personal checks or credit card to make purchases.
* Bring a very special gift for the small group gift giving ritual.
* Bring your drums and percussion instruments for the drumming circle.
* Sign up for the talent show in advance by contacting Dev at
* Send favorite song suggestions for the Friday evening dance to Kevin at

Vibrational hugs now, fleshy hugs in two weeks,

Cami Delgado
Convener – GSV 30th Anniversary Fall Conference

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade, American anthropologist.


2019 GSV Fall Conference: Spiritually Sourced Activism

2019 Fall Conference Picture

Spiritually Sourced Activism

a landmark conference and 30th anniversary celebration

September 19 – 22, 2019

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center ~ Highlands, NC

2019 Fall Rates

Register for Fall Conference

Beloved Gay Spirit Visions Tribe:

Come join us for a magical celebration of GSV’s 30th anniversary conference! For thirty years Gay Spirit Visions has created safe, sacred space where gay men can open their hearts, heal within, grow spiritually, and form heart-centered bonds that nurture and uplift their spirits.

Never before has GSV been more relevant given the times we are living in now. This is a challenging moment in American history. How are we going to shine a bright light on these darker times? Are we going to respond to tomorrow’s headlines with self-defeating pessimism, or with vigorous spiritual empowerment and activism? What’s really at the core of America’s spiritual malaise, and how do we become a powerful healing presence in the midst of it?

This conference will be a conversation on this current challenge. We’ll explore the underlying spiritual misalignment that creates the daily events we see, hear and read about in the media. We’ll have conversations about inspired activism, sacred activism, and activism by other names — all activism emanating from a spiritual source as a response to today’s events. This conference WILL NOT be a conversation on bipartisan politics, individual politicians, or the outer crust and everyday discourse we see, hear, and read about in the media.

This conference will also be an anniversary celebration — a way to thank GSV for offering us three decades of spiritual magic. Thus, we invite you to join us in ritual, ceremony, dance, singing, parading, and performing. Spiritually sourced activism replenishes itself with joy, humor, music, dance, creativity, and childlike merriment … and there will be plenty of that!



Raymond L. Rigoglioso is the founder and executive director of Gay Men of Wisdom and author of the book Gay Men and The New Way Forward. Former GSV keynote speakers Toby Johnson, Will Roscoe, Jon Stasio, and Mark Thompson have offered positive reviews of Gay Men and The New Way Forward. Raymond’s work and vision are more relevant and urgent now than ever before.


The Silent Auction offers a wonderful opportunity to take home a lovely gift. As part of GSV’s ongoing effort to help offset the cost of gatherings for those facing financial hardship, the Financial Assistance Committee organizes silent auctions to benefit the Raven Wolfdancer Financial Assistance Fund. More information about the Silent Auction will be included in the next conference announcement.


“The body is the temple of your soul.” ~ Osho
You’ll have opportunities to experience unspeakably delicious levels of sacred touch in a series of safe, masterfully guided sessions.


Bring outrageous costumes and prepare to dance like no one’s watching at our traditional Friday evening dance. GSV brother Kevin “Baby Bull” Biacsi will be our DJ. Choose two songs that you would like to have included in the dance and submit your request to Kevin at


Belt out one show tune after another at our now traditional cabaret soirée sing-along with David Berger at the piano. This could be more fun than binge watching “Glee.”


Take it to the runway! Strike a pose! Bring on your splashy and creative attire, dazzling costumes, high-voltage drag, and anything else you’d like to wear (or not wear!). We’ll need several volunteers to assist performers with makeup and hair.


Be a star! There’s no business like show business, and you’re guaranteed to glow at our variety show. Fear not to appear onstage because you’ll have an audience from heaven rooting for you.

I hope you’ll be there!

Cami Delgado
Convener – GSV 2019 Fall Conference

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade, American anthropologist.

Watch your email inbox, the GSV Facebook group, and for more information about the 2019 Fall Conference. If you’re ready to register, click here.

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