A Call For Information – Virtual Resources

Greetings Siblings!

We hope that you all are thinking of safety when you connect to your loved (and liked) ones during this time of uncertainty and change. One of the projects GSV’s Council of Trusted Elders has initiated this year is the compilation of a directory of virtual resources. The virtual resources that will be listed in this new directory are either directly related to or closely aligned with GSV’s mission statement.

“We are committed to creating safe, sacred space that is open to all spiritual paths, wherein men who love men may explore and strengthen spiritual identity. We are committed to creating a spiritual community with the intent to heal, nurture our gifts and potential, and live with integrity in the world. We are committed to supporting others in their spiritual growth by sharing experiences and insights.”

If you are currently using virtual resources to nurture yourself and stay connected to the world, please consider allowing us to include these in our new directory. All we are asking for from you is a very brief description of the resource and a web address/link to the resource. Here is an example of the type of information we are asking for:

Easton Mountain’s Virtual Great Room: An Online Space for Community
Every Wednesday at 8 PM EDT – 9 PM EDT
Join in a cyber version of our beloved Great Room. We offer meditations, readings, music, guest speakers, and small breakout rooms.

Please e-mail your virtual resources information to the Council at council@gayspiritvisions.org.

If you have any questions or simply want more information about GSV’s new virtual resources directory, please feel free to contact the Council at the same e-mail address.

With heartfelt gratitude,
The Council of Trusted Elders of Gay Spirit Visions

Are you curious about being a convener at a future GSV gathering?

Dear Siblings!

Have you ever wondered about the role of the convener at a Gay Spirit Visions gathering? Have you ever thought, “That looks interesting and fun – I might like to do that someday …”

In an on-going effort to offer interesting and heartfelt programming at GSV’s fall, winter, and spring gatherings, The Council of Trusted Elders of Gay Spirit Visions is now compiling a list of brothers who have an interest in being a convener at a future GSV gathering. Convening a GSV gathering is a great source of joy and growth!

What does a GSV convener do?

In short … with the help of the Council as well as Working Circle liaisons and circle members, the convener plans and organizes both the behind-the-scenes work involved in putting a gathering together and executes some of the “on-stage” portions of a gathering.

Additionally, there is a very detailed and helpful Convener’s Guidebook which is designed to make your experience as stress-free and as fulfilling as possible.

EXTRA BONUS! GSV will pay your gathering registration fee!

If you have an interest in being a convener, want to know more, or have any questions regarding the convener role, please e-mail the Council at council@gayspiritvisions.org.

With heartfelt gratitude,

The Council of Trusted Elders of Gay Spirit Visions

GSV 2021 Winter Meditation

Winter 2021

Reflecting on Resilience

January 15 – 17, 2021

A virtual Zoom-based experience

$35 registration fee

Additional donations for the GSV Scholarship Fund and/or The Mountain can also be made in the registration portal.

Register now!

Sacred Brothers,

Plans are coming together for our January 2021 Winter Meditation, when we will explore how we access and sustain personal resilience.

Two meditation sessions will help us gain insight into how we have navigated adversity in 2020 and how we can use that to sustain us into 2021. We will contemplate how we come to a place of gratitude in the face of fear and sorrow and then glean what we have learned about ourselves and our relationships to the world around us during this momentous and fraught year. We will use other modes of meditation and contemplation in activities to ground us and expand our consciousness. A heart weaving on Friday evening will engender more intimate connection with some of our siblings before we move into our opening heart circle. Two scheduled sessions, on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, will randomly place us in small groups to share more about what we have experienced and what we are taking away. And the primary Zoom room will be open between all scheduled activities for drop-in visits, acting as our virtual rocking chair deck and dining hall.

Join us for this opportunity to contemplate the last year and move forward into 2021 sustained and nurtured for your continuing journey. The final detailed program will be shared as we get closer to the end of the year.


Our hope is that anyone who resonates with our mission and community, and who has a desire to attend, can join us at our gatherings. To that end, we offer financial assistance through the Raven Wolfdancer Financial Assistance Fund.

Please go to the Financial Assistance page on the Gay Spirit Visions website for more information about financial assistance (scholarships) and for a link to the GSV Financial Assistance Application form. Remember, the financial assistance application submission deadline is January 1st, 2021.

Your eager and excited Winter Meditation 2021 convener,

David Cable

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Technology Working Circle

Greetings Siblings!

We hope that you all are thinking of safety when you connect to your loved (and liked) ones this holiday season! This coming year, we have a lot of things planned to help safely foster a continued connection for all within the GSV community. We used the Zoom platform quite a bit this last year and we realized the need to form a team of our siblings who are able and willing to work with the Zoom platform in order to keep our programming moving more smoothly. To help us achieve our goals, the Council of Gay Spirit Visions has created a Technology Working Circle to help facilitate its use to keep the community of GSV connected to one another in these challenging times. To that end, the Council is issuing a call to service for volunteers to serve on the newly formed Technology Working Circle.

The Council is seeking volunteers who have the skills, experience, and desire to initiate, host, and manage virtual events utilizing the Zoom video communications platform.

At this time, GSV uses Zoom for events which include winter, spring, and fall virtual gatherings, Gay Spirit Visions Chicago Heart Circles, and will use it for other GSV virtual events that are currently in development for next year.

If you have a desire to serve GSV and the brotherhood in this way, to get involved with the new ideas coming forth, to simply be around our siblings working together, and/or you have any questions about this opportunity, please e-mail the Council at council@gayspiritvisions.org and let us know.

And remember, “many hands make light work.”

With heartfelt gratitude,

The Council of Trusted Elders of Gay Spirit Visions

GSV Council Virtual Face To Face Meeting

Greetings from The Council of Trusted Elders of Gay Spirit Visions!

As we have mentioned in years past, we are continually building greater transparency between the work we do on council and all of you who benefit from that work. To this end, we would like to invite you to attend the council’s annual face-to-face meeting, which will be held via Zoom due to the active pandemic, on November 14th, 2020, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time.
The topics we will be covering are as follows: •2021 Contracts with The Mountain
•2021 GSV budget
•2021 Winter Meditation update
•2021 Spring and Fall conveners discussion
Break for Lunch •20021 Working Circles re-evaluation (Technology Working Circle, Working Circle liaisons, etc.)
•Direction for future eBay Silent Auctions
•Posting a Community Resource List
•Hosting monthly Zoom meetups
•Questions, comments, concerns

Actual start times for specific topics are not listed to allow for flexibility based on the length of ensuing conversation.

To join our meeting, click on the following URL: Zoom link for GSV Council Virtual Face To Face Meeting

Meeting ID: 990 0205 3442
Passcode: GSV

If you have time, do consider joining us, even if only for part of the time. We ask that you keep your microphones on mute unless actively asking a question or making a comment. Questions or comments that do not pertain to the topic at hand will be tabled and readdressed prior to the close of our meeting.

Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you!

The Council
Jason Buchanan
Neil Burns
David Cable
Jonny “Mothra” Gray
Robert “Bear of the RO” McDonald
Mackie Obando
John Rivest
Randy Taylor
Bruce “Dandy” Tidwell

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