Participatory Leadership

Gay Spirit Visions uses a geographically decentralized form of consensus-based decision-making. Consensus does not mean that everyone agrees, but that one or more in disagreement become willing to trust group wisdom and move forward with a decision.

Decisions are delegated to an appropriate group that consists of volunteers actively engaged with the GSV community.

The Council

The Council’s primary task is to facilitate annual retreats and conferences. Membership may include current and mentoring conveners, and any members with special skills appointed to meet a specific need.

Current Council
Kraig Blackwelder
Jason Buchanan
Randall Cumbaa
Doug Emerson
Bill Harris
Tony James
Wendell Johnson
Mahan Kalpa Khalsa
Bruce Dandy Tidwell

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A convener is tasked with developing and producing a GSV gathering in collaboration with work groups, and the support and oversight of the Council. Conveners are appointed by the Council and attend all Council meetings.

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Work Group Liaisons

A work group Liaison helps coordinate the volunteers in a work group and serves as liaison between the conveners and his work group.

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Work Groups

Work groups consist of volunteers from the GSV community that feel called to assist with production for a particular aspect of our gatherings. Work groups are empowered to make decisions within the purview of their group, as determined by the convener and Council. Work groups are open to members of the community that have attended at least one gathering.

View a list of GSV’s work groups.