GSV Working Circles

Working circles form the foundation of our gatherings. Volunteers come together to help plan one aspect of the gathering in coordination with the group’s liaison. Liaisons work with conveners to ensure that each working circle is in alignment with the vision for each gathering.

Working circles are open to members of the community that have attended at least one gathering. Contact for more information or to volunteer.


Altared Spaces
Arranges altar and other spaces, as requested, at all conferences.


Supports the Council in website development, the Visionary, and all other communication functions such as Facebook pages and email lists related to GSV.


Culture, Traditions, and Archives
Attends the evolving culture of GSV, considers patterns and practices from the past and present, develops recommendations for transitioning to new formats, and for honoring ceremonies.


Plans, coordinates, and executes Fall Conference Talent Show and entertainment at other conferences as requested by conference planner.


Financial Assistance
Raises funds, chooses recipients, and administers financial assistance for all conferences.


Gender-Free and Expression
Plans Walk of Beauty at fall conference and serves as consultants to Council on Gender freedom issues.


Ritual and Fire
Plans opening and closing rituals (including sacred fire) for all conferences.


Sacred Touch
Arranges intimacy and erotic spaces and experiences at all conferences. Serves as a consultant group for Council on intimacy and touch issues.


Small Groups
Coordinates and implements small groups for fall conference.


Welcome and Hospitality
Plans and creates the introductory experience of new participants at conferences. Coordinates with the Convener and with the Communications Group during pre-conference periods, and guides both individual and group orientations at conferences.