Safe Space

When you come to a gathering, please…

Come with a clear intention of giving others the kindness and respect you want to receive. Anticipate that the needs of others might differ from your own. Remember that your words and actions are vital to the co-creation of safe space, and that your own commitment to moving deeper into presence, practice, and reflection is the essence of our supportive community of men.

Participating in safe space requires that you know your own boundaries, and are prepared to articulate them to the best of your ability. Boundaries include the levels of participation, conversation, and touch with which you are comfortable. You are encouraged to express your needs and are expected to respect the boundaries articulated by others. If you feel particularly vulnerable in some way, please inquire about additional support while you are with us.

Come willing to respect the requests of our gay-affirming, long-term Mountain hosts. Their requests are not many, and “no public nudity” is one of them.

And, dear one, come with a curiosity about how you may experience safe, sacred space with a diverse group of men…and be prepared to be surprised.

As you leave a gathering…

Your return home from safe, sacred space may present some surprising challenges, or require some adjustment time. If possible, plan one or two quiet days when you arrive home to facilitate your “landing.”

Plan to check in with a GSV brother one or two days after the conference. You may want to identify this person and ask his permission before you leave The Mountain.

About Sacred Touch

We are committed to creating a space for Safe and Sacred Touch in our conferences and in our community. Read more about Sacred Touch.