Financial Assistance

Our hope is that anyone who resonates with our mission and community, and who has a desire to attend, can join us at our gatherings. To that end, we offer financial assistance through the Raven Wolfdancer Financial Assistance Fund. This fund is designed to be accessible and transparent.

All requests for financial assistance are reviewed by our Financial Assistance liaison, and you will receive notification from him within 24-48 hours of receiving your application. If you know someone who would benefit from this experience, we ask that you encourage him to apply for financial assistance consideration. All applicants must provide the name of a brother who has attended our gatherings who will serve as a recommendation.

Apply for financial assistance

If you have any questions about financial assistance, please contact our Financial Assistance liaison.

Raven Wolfdancer
Raven Wolfdancer, Atlanta GA, June 1993
Archives for Research on Women and Gender
Special Collections and Archives Georgia State University, Atlanta

Raven Wolfdancer Financial Assistance Fund

The Raven Wolfdancer Financial Assistance Fund is named for one of our founding members and departed brother, Raven Wolfdancer.

Gay Spirit Visions recognizes that gay, bisexual, and transgender men sometimes struggle to integrate their sexuality and spirituality. We are more visible than ever before, but where is the acknowledgement that spirituality may be as intrinsic to our sense of identity as sexual orientation?

In response, we offer financial assistance as an offering to any man who loves men who could benefit from experiencing the collaborative energy and outpouring of GSV brothers.

The Financial Assistance Committee recognizes that economic circumstances change for many reasons, whether it’s a long-standing hardship or a sudden life change. The Raven Wolfdancer Financial Assistance Fund is designed to help offset the cost of a gathering so that attending GSV does not impose undue financial hardship. Financial assistance may be available for travel as well.