Annual Gatherings

Gay Spirit Visions plans three gatherings every year—the Spring Retreat, Fall Conference, and Winter Meditation. Each gathering has its own character and each year usually explores a different theme.

Spring Retreat

The Spring Retreat began in 1998 as a smaller and less structured alternative to the larger Fall Conference.

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Fall Conference

The Fall Conference, started in 1990, is GSV’s original gathering and typically enjoys the most attendance.

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Winter Meditation

The Winter Meditation began in 2002 and has traditionally been a smaller, quieter gathering.

Winter, like Spirit, is never one thing alone. Winter invites us to realize nothing is really permanent and that all life changes. It is a season where life retreats and is emblematic of hardship, loss and endings. The advent of Winter is the coming of goodbyes.

Winter is also the start of transformation. Even in the bitterest cold, life continues. In the rhythmic role of the seasons, Winter creates space in which the soul can renew. Beneath the bleakness lie the seeds of new life and the incubation of desires and dreams as we edge toward the arrival of Spring.

— Randall Cumbaa, 2014 Winter Retreat Convener

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