2017 GSV Winter Meditation: Cocooning and Transformation

GSV 2017 Winter Meditation

GSV 2017 Winter Meditation

Cocooning and Transformation

January 13 – 15, 2017
at The Mountain, Highlands NC

Cost is $ 226.47 – Double Occupancy
$301.20 Single Occupancy

Dear Brothers,

We invite you to join with a loving community of your GSV brothers for two days of stillness, peace, mindfulness, and gentle celebration. Our models include ancient farmers who honored the dark and quiet of winter long past the season of harvest. The wisdom we seek is that of all creatures who wrap themselves in a mantle of repose to await a transformation into new life.

We’ll seek through guided meditations to understand more clearly our 2016 lives, and especially the patterns that no longer serve us well. We’ll envision new directions for the coming year. We’ll explore our intentions and our hopes, both as individuals and in community. We’ll bundle our individual memories together and lay them on the altar.

We’ll create strings of meditation flags to surround us in our gathering. We’ll decorate a communal shawl to wrap ourselves in our aspirations for the days and months ahead. In the season of cold and darkness we’ll honor fire, warmth, and light. We’ll celebrate together with poems, songs, performance, costume, and dance.

An option to stay on an extra day after the Sunday close of the gathering is pending. We’ll have more information in a subsequent e-mail.

Kurt Schreiber, Co-Convener
David Townsend, Co-Convener

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For online registration help or to register by phone, call:
The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center