A Call For Information – Virtual Resources

Greetings Siblings!

We hope that you all are thinking of safety when you connect to your loved (and liked) ones during this time of uncertainty and change. One of the projects GSV’s Council of Trusted Elders has initiated this year is the compilation of a directory of virtual resources. The virtual resources that will be listed in this new directory are either directly related to or closely aligned with GSV’s mission statement.

“We are committed to creating safe, sacred space that is open to all spiritual paths, wherein men who love men may explore and strengthen spiritual identity. We are committed to creating a spiritual community with the intent to heal, nurture our gifts and potential, and live with integrity in the world. We are committed to supporting others in their spiritual growth by sharing experiences and insights.”

If you are currently using virtual resources to nurture yourself and stay connected to the world, please consider allowing us to include these in our new directory. All we are asking for from you is a very brief description of the resource and a web address/link to the resource. Here is an example of the type of information we are asking for:

Easton Mountain’s Virtual Great Room: An Online Space for Community
Every Wednesday at 8 PM EDT – 9 PM EDT
Join in a cyber version of our beloved Great Room. We offer meditations, readings, music, guest speakers, and small breakout rooms.

Please e-mail your virtual resources information to the Council at [email protected].

If you have any questions or simply want more information about GSV’s new virtual resources directory, please feel free to contact the Council at the same e-mail address.

With heartfelt gratitude,
The Council of Trusted Elders of Gay Spirit Visions