Calling Out to the Community: Suggestions for Nominations

Dear Brothers,

Do you want to have a greater voice in shaping GSV gatherings? Do you want to increase community representation, communication, and transparency on the GSV Council? This is your opportunity! We need suggestions for nominations for three different roles!

Two new roles have been created for our community that are specifically devoted to increasing community representation, communication, and transparency: the Steward of Community Development, a Council position, and the Service Coordinator, who will coordinate volunteer efforts for our community. In addition, the position of Elder of Records, one our Corporate Officer positions, will be coming open as Pat Boyle completes his time on the Council in January 2016.

Please submit suggestions for nominations for any of these positions to [email protected] by Friday, December 4 (the sooner, the better). Every nomination will receive an email acknowledgement after it is received! A brief description of each role follows.

Thank you!

Hunter Flournoy & the Council of Nine


GSV Council of Nine, November 2015



Steward of Community Development (New Role)

A three-year Council position, the Steward of Community Development (SCD) will serve as liaison between community and Council to develop, maintain, and implement pathways for service, pathways for feedback, and response mechanisms for these pathways. The SCD will oversee and support the Service Coordinator, and oversee storytelling to all of GSV’s published channels. Qualifications for the SCD are available upon request!


Service Coordinator (New Role)

The Service Coordinator (SC) serves to drive the work of GSV forward through a community of volunteers. The SC promotes GSV as a community-driven organization where all members are encouraged to participate and are provided opportunities for volunteerism in committee work and/or as an individual contributor. The SC accomplishes this by identifying individuals’ interests and skill sets and linking those individuals with the appropriate committee work and/or individual contributor opportunities. The SC acts as an advocate for individual volunteers, looks for opportunities to develop volunteers, and brings any trends and on-going concerns related to volunteerism to the Council. The SC reports to the Steward of Community Development. Qualifications for the SC include attendance at three or more GSV conferences; a list of additional qualifications is available upon request!


Elder of Records

A three-year Council position, The Elder of Records serves as the corporate and recording secretary of the Council. He attends all Council and Executive Committee meetings and maintains accurate minutes of such meetings. He maintains official records, such as copies of the annual corporate filing with the GA Secretary of State and the annual IRS 990 form. In addition to hard copies of documents, he places electronic copies on Google Drive and works with the Elder of Communications to provide accurate information on the business of the GSV Council to any interested party. He responds to all official inquiries to GSV and the GSV Council on behalf of the Council. For electronic inquiries, he coordinates responses with the Elder of Communications. Qualifications for Elder of Records include being a Georgia resident; a list of additional qualifications is available upon request!