Final Call—GSV 2021 Winter Meditation: Reflecting on Resilience

Winter 2021

Note: Registration closes Tuesday Evening, January 12, 2021

Reflecting on Resilience

January 15 – 17, 2021

A virtual Zoom-based experience

$35 registration fee

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Sacred Brothers,

I invite you to join our January 2021 Winter Meditation where we will explore how we access and sustain our personal resilience.

Two “keynote” meditation sessions will help us gain insight into how we have navigated adversity in 2020 and how we can use that to sustain us into 2021. With the knowledge that a grateful mind and heart helps us to be more resilient and enhances our self-compassion and our compassion for others, Tom Comstock will guide us in a contemplative exercise that can help us develop a practice of gratitude that is deeper, more genuine and spontaneous, and more heartfelt. Andrew Elias Ramer will help us explore what we learned from last year’s rippling challenges to every part of our lives, beginning with a short body-focused practice that will help to anchor us as we share, in small groups and together, what we’ve learned and how we can use it in the coming year.

A heart weaving on Friday evening will engender more intimate connection with some of our siblings before we move into our opening heart circle. On Saturday, in addition to our two “keynote” sessions, Karma (John Schendel) will lead us in gentle guided breathwork. Franklin Abbot will host a time to share short statements, personal work, or favorite poems in a deeper dive into the idea of gratitude. Gabriel Nelson Sears will envelop us in a sound bath meditation as he facilitates a journey on the harmonious waves of Himalayan singing bowls, native flutes, gong, and other sacred sound instruments.

While we will not conduct formal, facilitated small groups, there will be two scheduled sessions, on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, when participants can be randomly placed in breakout spaces to share more about what we have experienced and what we are taking away. As an addition to our primary Zoom room for all program activities, a second Zoom space will be open throughout the weekend, acting as our virtual rocking chair porch and dining hall for informal visiting and sharing.

Join us for an opportunity to contemplate the last year and move forward into 2021 sustained and nurtured for your continuing journey.

Your eager and excited Winter Meditation 2021 convener,

David Cable
[email protected]

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