GSV 2018 Fall Conference: Insatiable Curiosity

GSV 2018 Fall Conference

Call for Workshops

September 27 – 30, 2018

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center ~ Highlands, NC

4 day / 3 night package (Thursday through Sunday)
Bunkhouse $324.18 | Cabin $380.22 | Lodge $418.65
5 day / 4 night package (Wednesday through Sunday)
Bunkhouse $398.90 | Cabin $473.63 | Lodge $524.87

Dear Brothers in Spirit,

The GSV 2018 Fall Conference overall goal is to investigate how the gift of gayness includes curiosity. When this curiosity becomes insatiable we can change the world (see the invitation to the conference for more detailed information).

If you will be attending and would like to present a workshop that fits the overall theme of the weekend, please do the following:

Make sure your idea matches one of the goals or the theme of the gathering.
Through this curiosity we will explore the following:
• Find ways to test or prove the answers to our questions.
• Exult in our sensuality and how we experience the world.
• Create ambiguity and paradox.
• Cultivate grace, beauty, and spirit.
• Balance logic and imagination, art and science.
• Recognize and appreciate the connectedness of things and phenomena.
• Embody persistent empowerment.
We will use Leonardo da Vinci as a model that embodies these ideals.

Please provide the following information:
• Your full name
• Email address
• Phone number
• Workshop title
• Area of the theme to which the workshop connects or explores
• Objective of the workshop
• Description (include the format for the workshop, e.g. hands-on, lecture/talk, discussion, etc.)
• Time needed for completion
• Specific requirements (meeting space, setup, audio/visual, etc.)
Send the information to [email protected].

Your proposal will be reviewed and considered for the Fall Conference based on the match to the conference goals. I want to confirm workshops by August 20, so please get them in by August 15. Thank you for your willingness to share your experiences and curiosities with your GSV brothers.

Randy Taylor
2018 Fall Conference Convener

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