GSV 2022 Spring Retreat: Last Call

Spring 2022

From Dirt to Dynamic

May 13 – 15, 2022*

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, Highlands, NC

3 Day/2 Night Package (Friday through Sunday)

Lodge (shared room) $210.00 plus tax

Cabin (shared room) $210.00 plus tax

Bunk House (shared room up to 4 people) $180.00 plus tax

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Registration closes Tuesday, May 10

Dear Siblings:

Soon we will gather at The Mountain and embrace the energies and entities conspiring for our continued joy. Breathe in deeply and take in the idea that you are worthy and loved in grace.

You have been told in the past that there are certain requirements for you to be loved. This is simply not true. You are loved simply because you exist.

You are a part of all that is, so to not accept love for yourself is the same as not loving everything. The reason it feels bad to love one thing and not love another is because that is not the truth about love.

We all have a decision to make. Do I exist in a universe that collaborates for my peace and joy or not? In one case you live as though everything is a miracle, in the other, nothing is a miracle. Which choice benefits you the most?

Life is a gift. A miraculous gift that is given to us one moment at a time. Occasionally the wrapping paper the gift comes in is very unattractive. But there is a precious jewel enclosed in every moment of existence.

We will learn during our time together how we can take our past and reframe it to bring us new life. We have wisdom because of our past. What we have come through has given us the strength and knowledge to truly soar in the present and into the future.

Let us all come together as a family. Let us combine our grand wisdom. Let us empower ourselves through community and connection. It is our calling to love the world uniquely, to empower it, and to show it a new way so that everyone can find peace, joy, and love.

Love, Peace, Release,
“Angel” Pete Cossaboon
GSV 2022 Spring Retreat Convener

Register now!

Registration closes Tuesday, May 10

* May 13 — Registration starts at 3 PM and Program starts at 6 PM
May 15 — Program ends after noon lunch