GSV Working Agreements

Update: In response to sharing at the 2014 Spring Retreat, GSV’s Working Agreements are now called the Three Agreements.

During the Visioning Retreat, our brothers identified some implicit core values within GSV’s mission statement that were woven into three agreements. These agreements are intended to guide and support us as we co-create our conferences and steward the larger container of the organization.


GSV Mission Statement

We are committed to creating safe, sacred space that is open to all spiritual paths, wherein men who love men may explore and strengthen spiritual identity.

We are committed to creating a spiritual community with the intent to heal, nurture our gifts and potential, and live with integrity in the world.

We are committed to supporting others in their spiritual growth by sharing experiences and insights.




GSV Working Agreements

In the spirit of love for ourselves and each other…

  1. We engage in respectful, honest, and openhearted dialogue.
  2. We agree to hold ourselves and each other accountable to speak and act with integrity in our community.
  3. We embrace opportunities to empower others and challenge ourselves to grow spiritually.

We acknowledge these agreements before us and we enter into them together.


The Council will meet during the Spring Retreat to review the agreements and consider adding them to our official documentation. Until then, we’d love to hear your feedback regarding these agreements at [email protected]!