Fall 2014: Before You Arrive…

Gay Spirit VisionsBrother,

Gay Spirit Vision’s Fall Conference is just a few days away. Our conference theme is Community and I am very excited to be in the community of a group of men that I first encountered fourteen years ago. As this is our twenty-fifth anniversary, we will look back at what we have created and where we might be headed.

As you prepare to make the trek to The Mountain, I would love you to be thinking about what it is you bring to this community and what this community has given to you. We will gather together to contemplate who we are, what we come together for, and where we want to go next.

I hope you are all anticipating a meaningful, full, and delightful conference. I know I am.

I await your arrival with hugs, good will, and an open heart.


Scott Dillard
Convener, Fall Conference 2014


Preparing for the Conference

Please take a moment to read about our time together and what you might consider bringing with you in preparation for this weekend, especially if this is your first time with us.

This weekend’s conference will start with a social time on Thursday at 5:30 pm in The Commons next to the dining room and will end with lunch on Sunday starting at 1:00 pm. You may check in as early as 3:00 pm on Thursday afternoon.


What Will I Need?

Small Group Gift
Come with a small gift that has some personal meaning to exchange during your small group ritual. Some folks purchase something, others bring something from home or something found along the way.

Altar Object
Come with something to place on the altar; something that might represent your intentions for the retreat, some memory you hold dear, or a way to honor an ancestor.

Clothes for Movement
Come ready to move; bring clothing in which you will feel good doing so.

Talent Show
Come with sheet music or anything that might be necessary for your talent show performance.

Optional Items
Consider bringing any of the following optional items you may choose to share with our circle: personal writing journal, sketch pad, drums for drumming and other instruments, photos, sacred objects, floor pillows, night light, rain gear, layers and varieties of clothes, shoes for indoor/outdoor, for changing activities, water bottle and/or travel mug.

Silent Auction
Consider making a donation to the Silent Auction to benefit the GSV Scholarship Fund. Bring one item you wish to donate and complete an auction form when you register, or download and bring the completed form with you.

Alcohol & Non-Prescription Drugs
Please leave all alcohol and non-prescription drugs at home.